This post has been twenty-five years in the making. It’s long, but BOY I’m happy writing it!

Steven Barnes

Was it David Brin who said that a century kicks in after 12 years?  Well, I’m starting to think that the new millennium is kicking in, only 15 years after the formal date.   I’m going out on a limb: I predict that Will Smith’s “Focus” will be the first film to feature a non-white male star in a sexual relationship/love scene that breaks the 100 million barrier domestic.


Some thoughts on this, because I would LOVE to close the door on this particular issue.


When I was a kid, I noticed that there were few black folks in SF/Action films, and when they were there, they generally didn’t survive. Worse still, they often died protecting white people.  And no, if white people didn’t die as readily protecting them, this was no compliment: it was a measure of perceived or desired value on the part of the artists and audiences…

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