The Orisha, Who Do You Most Identify With?

Lukumi People

In the Yoruba based religions, the Orisha are angelic emanations of The Creator (God Almighty) manifesting through nature. To put it simply, God created the universe and everything in it. God then manifested bits of himself creating lesser gods or guardian angels, governing over the various forces of nature. So yes, for every force of nature, there is a spiritual being governing it.

In “The Religion,” first come the Egun (Ancestors). Those who came before us who are related to us by blood. Along with our Egun are our Spirit Guides. Next come Elegba (Eleggua) who opens the path, and The Warriors (Ogun, Oshosi, and Osun). Following are the Orisha (Your Guardian Orisha). Then comes God Almighty. “The Religion” like all spiritual paths is about elevation. The Ancestors, The Orisha, The Creator. Getting back in tune with nature.

These are the seven most worshiped Orishas of the Yoruba, the Ifa…

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