5 Interviews With Psychopaths That Will Make You Feel Less Crazy

Thought Catalog

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1. Bitches Be Crazy, Too!

While the majority of diagnosed psychopaths are men, women are not immune to the condition. As a result we have this startling footage of Angela Simpson, a 36-year-old (at the time of her conviction) Phoenix native who openly admits to having beaten alleged police informant Terry Neely, causing blunt-force trauma to the head before stabbing him fifty times, cutting up his body, and setting it alight in a garbage can near her home.

The creepiest thing about the video isn’t her unwavering and emotionless responses to the interviewer’s questions regarding her crimes, and it isn’t even the fact that she acknowledges the likelihood of her killing again if given the slightest chance; it’s the way that, once the interview is concluded, she begins giggling like a schoolgirl while remarking, “Good shit, dude! That’s going to be crazy, isn’t it?” Seeing her…

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